Keep in Touch: Strategies to Nurture Your Leads After an Event

After an event, it is common for advisors to struggle with the best steps to take in order to nurture their newly acquired leads. Regardless of whether 10 or 100 people attended your event, it is important to leverage the momentum gained from hosting the event to keep your potential new clients engaged. Below are a few critical processes we suggest advisors implement in order to stay top of mind with new prospects.

Make Contact

A simple “thank you for attending” message, sent either by phone or email, can go a long way. Consider instituting a post-event process to follow up with attendees as well as those who register but do not show. One easy way to connect with attendees is to request that each person complete an event evaluation form at the conclusion of your event.

In terms of the best timing for follow-up, it is a best practice to make contact within 24 hours of the event. Do not wait a month or even a week to reach out, as the longer you wait, the more likely that new prospects will be inclined to ignore your follow-up email or call. To make it easier on yourself, prepare both the attendee and non-attendee email ahead of time so you can easily send them out the day after the event. Include the presentation slides, a simple call to action such as a complimentary portfolio review or consultation, and your contact information. 

Establish a Drip Email Campaign

A popular marketing automation strategy for advisors is to create a drip email campaign (auto responders) that can be triggered post-event upon delivery of your initial follow-up email. When you add attendees to this customized drip email campaign, they can receive a series of emails over the course of several weeks after your event.

The important thing for financial advisors to note is that these emails should be personalized, branded and relevant to the topic discussed at the event. Email marketing programs such as MailChimp and Constant Contact have customizable templates you can use to get started with your personalized drip email program.      

Stay in Touch

Continue to stay in contact with new prospects after an event by requesting that they opt in to receive future event invitations or other firm communication such as a monthly blog digest or company newsletter. For any digital email marketing campaigns, always remember to include information on how potential clients can contact you directly to discuss their financial situation or how they can connect with your firm via social media. Keep in mind that just because someone attended one of your events in the past does not necessarily mean that you should exclude them from receiving any future event invitations. Someone may need to attend several events before they feel comfortable and confident enough with your business to request a financial assessment or second opinion.

If your firm does not have the capacity to customize and execute all of these follow-up strategies, do take the time to place at least a quick call or send a thank-you email. The act of reaching out and making contact will go a long way in establishing credibility with your new prospects.