Defining and Communicating Your Unique Value Proposition

Launching your advisory firm requires a lot of time and attention. From client service to operations, there are many areas of the business that are critical to laying the groundwork for success. One area that requires such time and attention is marketing, specifically messaging, which is one of the most important building blocks of your marketing infrastructure. In this post, we will take you through a process we created to help our clients uncover and identify one specific area of their firm messaging—their unique value proposition.

Before diving too far into the steps necessary to develop your unique value proposition, keep in mind that identifying and effectively communicating your unique value proposition is just one component of your firm’s messaging. Other areas to address are your key messages and keywords, your elevator pitch and your firm’s key differentiators.

What Is Your Unique Value Proposition?

Most simply, a unique value proposition is your brand promise. It tells the world who you are, who you help and how you are different. Your unique value proposition is one of the building blocks of your marketing. It sets the foundation for all subsequent messaging in that it:

  • Explains who you work with and the value you bring
  • Describes how you are unique, differentiating you from other firms

If you can’t succinctly explain what you do in your unique value proposition, you can be sure prospects won’t understand how you can help them.

To develop a unique value proposition, review your target market, ideal client profile, service model and differentiators, and then concisely answer the questions below:

  • Market: Who are you serving?
  • Key benefit: What is the main benefit you provide clients?
  • Delivery: How do you deliver on your promise to provide value/benefit to your target market?

Write Your Own Unique Value Proposition

Now that you have documented the three main areas of the unique value proposition, use the following template to write your firm’s positioning statement:

(Firm name) is a (your category) that provides (market) with (key benefit) through (delivery).

Here are some sample unique value propositions:

Legacy Wealth Management is a fee-only Registered Investment Advisor that helps families create a legacy for future generations through a proprietary process that builds personal financial success in line with their charitable and spiritual values.

Aviation Capital Management is an independent Registered Investment Advisor that helps private, commercial, transport and airline pilots make smart financial decisions that will allow them to achieve their professional and recreational goals through our 25 years of experience in providing investment, retirement, financial and insurance advice to aviators.