FAQ: How should I integrate COIs into my client meetings?

Inviting COIs such as attorneys, accountants and insurance professionals into your client meetings can be an effective way to show, and not just tell, the value you bring to clients. The goal of doing this is to forge a successful, reciprocal referral relationship. While CEG Worldwide is probably the best resource in the industry for helping advisors build strategic alliances, here are some general steps to help you get you started: 

  • Identify and vet the COIs who you are interested in building strategic relationships with. 
  • Take COIs individually through your wealth management process as if they were potential clients. Explain to each COI that in order for you to refer business to them, it is important that they understand your process.
  • Ask the COI how they could contribute to the meeting if it were a prospective client in their seat and they were sitting on the same side of the table as you.
  • Invite the COI to five to 10 client meetings where you believe they could add value for the client.
  • Evaluate whether you and the COI would have a good reciprocal referral relationship going forward, and discuss how you can work together more closely. 
  • Offer a complimentary second opinion service to the COI’s clients.