FAQ: How should I promote my media coverage?

Media coverage is a great (and free!) way to create awareness and build credibility for your business. You also have the opportunity to use that coverage outside of its original publication. Here are some tips we suggest:


  • Connect with the journalist.
  • Post a link to the media coverage as a personal profile status update and tag the journalist.
  • Post as a business page status update.
  • Add to the publications section of your personal profile.
  • Post to your LinkedIn groups.


  • Post to your business page.
  • Post to your individual page (if archived).


  • Follow the journalist who covered the story.
  • Post to your personal Twitter account and tag the journalist.
  • Post to your business Twitter account and tag the journalist.


  • If you have an "As seen on" section of your website, add the logo of the publication to this section if not already there.
  • If you have an "In the News" section of your website, post a link to the media coverage here.


  • Add a section to your newsletter called "In the News," and include a link to the media coverage with a brief summary.


  • If the piece is a profile about you or your business, or if it is an article you wrote, you may want to purchase print reprints to hand out to prospective clients or digital reprints to email. You may also want to consider a plaque or framed version for your office. Reprints can be costly, so think carefully before doing this to make sure the expense is worth it.


  • If people comment on the media coverage on its original publication site, you may want to engage in the conversation. Check with compliance before doing so. 

"Thank You" Note/Email

  • Send the journalist a "thank you" note or email in order to continue the relationship. Mention other areas in which you might be a valuable resource for the reporter.