6 Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Marketing Point Person

One of the best ways to increase your chances of marketing success is to designate a marketing point person within your firm—someone who can ensure that projects are completed and deadlines are met. While you and other team members will have input in the firm's overall marketing strategy, delegating routine tactics keeps your marketing consistent.

Marketing requires a certain skill set in order to be successful. When appointing a marketing point person, ask yourself these six questions:


  1. Is this person organized and capable of meeting deadlines? When it comes to marketing, it's essential to stay on schedule and be consistent. Therefore, it's also essential to be organized. Whether you're committing to a quarterly newsletter or a certain number of social media posts per week, make sure your marketing point person can deliver on time.
  2. Does this person have time? Be realistic about how much time your marketing efforts will take. Some firms have the misconception that marketing is something that can be "squeezed in" between an employee's daily responsibilities, but successful marketing requires a serious investment of time. If you assign marketing duties to an employee with too many other tasks on their plate, your marketing may wind up on the back burner.
  3. Is this person detail-oriented? When you're creating marketing materials, you need to be at the top of your game—meaning no spelling errors or unchecked facts. Make sure the person in charge is detail-oriented so that your business is always showing its best side.
  4. Is this person self-motivated? The whole point of delegating marketing tasks is to save time. Make sure the employee you choose is a self-starter who can take the lead without requiring too much direction.
  5. Does this person have the financial and marketing knowledge required to manage outside vendors? Marketing for advisors requires knowledge of both the financial and marketing industries in order to be successful—which can be a tricky combination to find. Keep in mind that your marketing person will need to possess enough knowledge to communicate with advisors, copywriters, web and graphic designers, and printers.
  6. Does this person understand the compliance issues? Ensuring that your marketing materials and campaigns stay within compliance guidelines is crucial. Be sure your marketing point person understands not just the regulations but also the potential consequences for violating them.