Five Ways to Use Live Streaming

If you have been on Facebook lately, you can't help but notice that live streaming is everywhere. Media outlets, businesses and bloggers are using it to authentically interact with their audience. YouTube, Facebook and Instagram all have live-streaming options integrated into their platforms, which means the rest of the social media sites will eventually follow suit. Now that live streaming is popular and easy to implement, you may be asking yourself, "How can I use live streaming in my business?" Here are our top five recommendations.

  1. Create educational content. Use live streaming as an avenue to educate your clients and prospects. This can be a "whiteboard" segment where you deconstruct a specific concept, or you can do a Q&A session answering the questions you hear most often. If education is already an important part of your marketing strategy, then live steaming is a natural extension.

  2. Stream events. If you are hosting an in-person workshop or client event, stream the event so that people who cannot attend may still participate. This is especially worthwhile in metropolitan areas where heavy traffic can dissuade someone from coming to your event.

  3. Promote an upcoming event. Use live streaming to give a preview of what to expect during an upcoming webinar or workshop.

  4. Interview influencers. Use live streaming to interview centers of influence, business owners, consultants or anyone else who may be of interest to your target audience. This helps build a relationship with your interviewee, provide varied content to your audience and lessen the burden for you to come up with all the content.

  5. Offer a behind-the-scenes tour. Take your social media followers behind the scenes of your business with an office tour or perhaps the taping of your company's podcast. Give them a glimpse into your business that they wouldn't otherwise see.

These are just a few of the ways to use live streaming in your business. Of course, as a financial advisor, you always want to check with your compliance officer prior to implementing any new marketing idea.