The 52: Collect Data About Your Sales Process


Collect Data About Your Sales Process

Take time to understand key data points about prospects you are attracting and how they are moving through the sales funnel. That way, you will be able to refine your sales and marketing process and make more accurate revenue projections. While every firm has a different process, we recommend starting by collecting these basic data points:

  • First Created Date (Date the prospect went into your CRM or marketing software)

  • First Contact Date (Date the prospect reached out to schedule an appointment)

  • First Meeting Date

  • Lead Source (How did the prospect hear about you?)

  • Qualified? (Yes, No, or Unknown)

  • Stage (Examples include Initial Contact, Appointment Scheduled, Appointment Completed, Follow Up, Closed—Lost, Closed—Unqualified, and Closed—Won)

  • Assets

  • Revenue

  • Closed Won/Lost Date (The date they became a client, decided not to work with you, or became unresponsive and you gave up)

Once you have collected months and years of data, you will be able to have a more predictable sales process. 

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