The 52: Write SEO-Friendly Press Releases


Write SEO-Friendly Press Releases

When writing and distributing press releases through online newswires, include a few links in the copy to improve your website search rankings. However, use with caution—if used incorrectly, Google may penalize you. Here are a few tips:

  • Make sure your news is actually “new” and “newsworthy”—you want it picked up by worthwhile news outlets.

  • Limit links to no more than three per press release such as:

    • One brand-appropriate link (e.g., link “ABC Advisor’s Life Planning Process” to the page discussing this process on the website)

    • One keyword or phrase (e.g., link “fee-only financial planners in San Diego” to a relevant webpage or blog)

    • The standard company website URL in the boilerplate description found at the end of a press release

  • Link to pages other than your homepage, specifically those that are most relevant to the anchor words you are hyperlinking

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