The 52: Ensure Google Analytics Is Installed on Your Website

Week 36

Ensure Google Analytics Is Installed on Your Website

Many website platforms provide proprietary analytic functions to help you understand how visitors use your site. But no platform is as powerful as Google Analytics.

Even if you aren’t ready to dive in to all the details and campaign options that Google Analytics provides, installing it today will allow you to start collecting a history of data that will be valuable for future online marketing. If you already have the code installed, make sure you have access and administrative rights to your account. We find that many firms have Google Analytics installed but don’t know how to access it.

P.S. Not sure if you have Google Analytics installed? Go to your website in a browser, right-click on your home page, click “view page source,” and you will see your site’s code. Do a search for “UA”—if you see a code that looks like UA-123456789-1, it’s installed.