The 52: Document Your Message


Week 19

Document Your Message

Just as your visual brand is your firm’s identity, your brand messaging is your firm’s voice. It is what inspires and persuades your prospects, clients, and centers of influence to work with or refer to you. While most of your messaging will be communicated through your website and marketing materials, it’s a good idea to document key messaging components that can be translated to all other communication pieces.

  • Unique value proposition: One sentence that succinctly articulates who you are, who you help, how you help, and the value you bring to clients.   

  • Key messages: Three to five main points you want to ensure are communicated in all materials to clients, prospects, and centers of influence. 

  • Key differentiators: Three to five points explaining what makes you unique from your competitors.

  • Elevator pitch: A 30-second speech that explains what your firm does to spark interest with the person you are speaking with.

  • Boilerplate business description: A short paragraph you can use to describe your company. It is primarily used at the end of press releases or in sponsorship promotional materials.

P.S. Here is a template to help you organize the different messaging components.