The 52: Audit Your Community Engagement Activities—Part 1

Week 32

Audit Your Community Engagement Activities—Part 1

If you are actively engaged in the community with sponsorships, donations, and volunteerism for marketing purposes, you may wonder if you are spending your time and money wisely. To answer this question, start by auditing your activities. Answer the following questions for each of the organizations and events you are involved in:

  • How do you categorize your involvement (i.e., monetary contribution, volunteering, donation of expertise, or sponsorship)?

  • How much time and money are you spending?

  • What audience are you reaching (e.g., your ideal client, your ideal COI)?

  • What are the benefits you are receiving (e.g., advertisements, tickets, networking opportunities, speaking opportunities)?  

Next week, we’ll discuss how to evaluate this information to determine if your community involvement strategy is efficient.