The 52: Audit Your Community Engagement Activities—Part 2

Week 33

Audit Your Community Engagement Activities—Part 2

Community involvement results in “word-of-mouth marketing,” which is extremely difficult to measure. Therefore, you have to evaluate the effectiveness of your efforts by other measures. Reflecting on last week’s exercise, answer these questions for each organization and activity you are involved with to evaluate if you are making the most of your community engagement strategy:

  • Are you reaching an audience that meets your ideal client profile or can connect you to ideal prospects?

  • Is the total monetary value you receive in perks such as tickets and advertising more than the cost you are paying? Include the hard costs plus the soft costs such as your time, your staff’s time, and any materials you use.

  • Is your cost per reach (i.e., the amount of money you are spending per person you reach with your brand) reasonable? “Reasonable” can be subjective because you may find it more effective to have a high cost per reach if the audience you are reaching perfectly matches your ideal client profile.

  • Does the organization or activity elevate your company’s brand and reputation?

  • Are you taking advantage of all the benefits you are offered?

  • Is there an opportunity to garner more benefits than you are currently receiving (e.g., speaking opportunities, access to meet with board members)?