The 52: Install a Meeting Scheduling Tool on Your Website

The 52 is Kaleido Creative Studio’s weekly newsletter sharing insights and research distilled from our work with RIAs. This post has been expanded upon since originally published on January 5, 2018, to provide more insight into this topic.

UPDATE: Week 1, 2018

Install a meeting scheduling tool on your website.

Increase website conversions by making it easier for prospective clients to schedule an introductory call or meeting directly from your website without first having to fill out a form and send an email.

P.S. Our clients use Calendly, ScheduleOnceAcuity Scheduling, and TimeTrade.

When prospective clients discover your website, you want to encourage them to take action immediately. There are three primary ways this can happen:

  1. They call the office. This method is most successful when a prospect calls your office during business hours and you or another financial advisor at your firm is available to take the call. If you aren’t available, your administrative staff may be able to schedule an appointment for you. Otherwise, you play phone tag and hope to connect at a time that is convenient for both of you. If the prospect finds your website after business hours, you hope that they will remember to call you the next business day. But waiting another day or even the weekend may mean the prospect procrastinates or loses your number.

  2. They complete a form on your website or send an email. This method allows website visitors to take action immediately at all hours of the day. The downside is that they have to wait for a response from you or someone on your staff. It is not uncommon that upon your return email, the prospect fails to respond and never schedules an appointment.

  3. They use calendaring software to schedule a call or meeting. This method allows prospects to take immediate action at all hours of the day. Plus it avoids the back-and-forth of trying to schedule an appointment. Sure, there is a chance the prospect will no-show for their call or appointment, but that is a risk no matter how they contact you. We recommend you offer a 15- or 30-minute introductory call, as it is an easier first step for the prospect than coming into your office, and it allows you to pre-qualify them before you spend an hour of your time meeting face-to-face.

You should offer all three options for communication on your website to have the best shot of converting website visitors into actual appointments.