“I like developing ideas and creating an overall marketing vision, without losing sight of the small details.”

Brittany is a native Southern Californian, growing up just north of San Diego in the beach community of Carlsbad. Intent on combining her creative interests and strong collaborative skills, Brittany studied marketing in college, graduating from San Diego State University with a Bachelor of Science in business.

After graduating, Brittany took a job with a financial advisory firm, where she worked closely with clients and staff. Over the next five years, Brittany developed her project management skills, focusing on improving processes, implementing effective planning, allocating resources and applying creative problem-solving. Prior to joining the firm, she worked at a digital marketing and website company, leading the creative team and honing her design skills.

As Kaleido’s Creative Director and Account Manager, Brittany works with writers, graphic designers and business consultants to manage client campaigns and provide creative vision. She works closely with clients, ensuring all work is done according to their specific requests and on time.

Brittany has a wide variety of hobbies, including letterpressing and Bikram yoga. She cherishes the opportunity to try new foods and to travel. When she isn’t working, her favorite activity is to curl up with her husband, Justin, and their cat, Zoey, to read a good book or watch television.



  • B.S. in Business, San Diego State University