Our Mission: To Help Fee-Only RIAs and Their Clients Thrive

At Kaleido Creative Studio, we strongly believe the independent, fee-only RIA is the superior choice when it comes to providing financial advice. You embody the American dream of entrepreneurship and small business ownership that is the backbone of a thriving society. You are on a mission to build the life you desire while providing good jobs for your employees. And through the work that you do, you help individuals and families thrive by offering a thoughtful, ethical, and personal approach to their finances not always offered by the giants of Wall Street or robo-advisor platforms. 

While your mission as a fee-only RIA is noble, we understand you face many challenges in fulfilling this mission: increased competition from national firms and robo-advice platforms, consumer confusion regarding different types of advisors, and difficulty communicating your value. On top of that, the rapid pace of change in both the financial and marketing industries can make your head spin. It can be difficult to stay on top of "what works." 

With our new program, Consortium, we advocate for fee-only RIAs by building an exclusive community of like-minded firms to pool ideas and resources together to create innovative, agile, and effective marketing. 

By coming together as a group, we create efficiencies so that all members benefit and thrive in their individual businesses while at the same time helping the community as a whole prosper.

How It Works

When you join Consortium, you will become a member of a pod of firms with a similar approach and target market from different geographic areas. Each month your pod will participate in a think tank session, where a discussion among members, moderated by a marketing strategist, drives the creation of strategies, campaigns, and marketing materials developed for the pod. Combining the insight and feedback from your Consortium pod with Kaleido's knowledge and expertise, we then construct and deploy marketing solutions for the pod to test and report back with their results. Based on the results from the pod members, we continue to refine the campaigns and materials.



Membership Benefits

Think Tanks
Participation in one 90-minute conference call each month with member firms of your assigned pod, moderated by a marketing strategist, to deliberate on various marketing concepts. The take-away will be a campaign, process, or related resources and materials developed by Kaleido Creative Studio for the pod to use.
Campaigns and Materials
Access to the components required to implement strategies developed as a result of the think tank sesssions.
Marketing Resource Library
Access to a library of marketing tools and resources to use in your business.
Community Support
Membership to a private Slack group to pose your questions for the community or marketing team to answer.
Office Hours
An option to drop in to community-wide conference calls held throughout the month to ask your marketing questions.
One Individual Membership
Full access for one person in your firm to actively participate in think tank sessions for one pod, Slack, and office hours, as well as access to the resource library.
One Associate Membership
Limited access for one person in your firm to silently observe the individual member's think tank session, actively participate in Slack and office hours, and has access to the resource library.

*For firms with less than $100 million in AUM or less than $1 million in revenue, please contact us about our scholarship program. 


Why Join Consortium?


experiment with ease

Experiment with strategies to see what works for your business without the risk of having to pay for the development of new campaigns and materials that may or may not work for you. Double down on the marketing that works and scrap what doesn't. 

Crowdsource Results

By combining results from multiple firms using the same materials, we can make adjustments and evolve campaigns faster so that you see results sooner.



stay ahead of the competition

You can distinguish yourself from the pack by experimenting with cutting-edge marketing ideas, strategies, and campaigns developed by professionals on the forefront of marketing trends.


We Understand You

Our expertise is in working with independent, fee-only RIAs, so you don't face the frustration of teaching us about your business. And because Consortium is offered exclusively to firms like yours, we don’t have to water down our content for brokers and insurance agents. 


Collaborate With Your Peers

The best ideas often come from other advisors. Through our monthly think tank sessions, you'll get to to brainstorm ideas and discuss what's working and what's not, with the added benefit of having marketing experts listen in to turn the conversation into action.


Access Fast, Fresh Content

Creating your own original marketing campaigns and materials can take a long time. We have a full-time, in-house team of creative specialists ready to quickly create and deploy materials based on the community's feedback.  


share the cost

By combining resources with other firms, you get access to tools, campaigns, and materials that would normally be cost prohibitive. You get custom-quality marketing without paying custom-work prices.


Take it with you

You can use the strategies, materials and campaigns even if you decide to leave Consortium.

Do You Qualify for Consortium?

The Consortium community is limited to a select number of firms that have been prescreened to ensure synergy among members. To determine if you may qualify, answer true or false to the statements below:

  1. I am an independent, fee-only RIA.
  2. I practice a “financial planning first” philosophy.
  3. I primarily work with private clients (i.e., individuals, couples, and families).
  4. I am not affiliated with a broker-dealer.
  5. I am motivated to engage, collaborate, and share ideas and resources with like-minded advisory firms so that we can all prosper in our individual businesses and bring personal and ethical advice to more individuals and families.

If you answered true to all of these statements, you may be a candidate for Consortium.  

Get Started

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Ready to see if Consortium is right for your firm? Here are the next steps:

  1. Use the form to the right or click here to schedule a 30-minute call to learn more about Consortium.
  2. Mutually determine if there is a good fit.
  3. Attend a complimentary think tank session as our guest. 
  4. Receive and complete the membership packet.
  5. Schedule a one-hour membership orientation.
  6. Join the community!