Kaleido Creative Studio offers advisory firms three options for marketing support.

Outsourced Marketing Department

Outsourced Marketing Department

For firms seeking long-term strategic and implementation support, we offer our outsourced marketing department program. Through this program you'll receive:

  • An annual marketing plan
  • One marketing strategy meeting each month
  • 25+ hours of creative implementation services per month depending on the package 

Ongoing Implementation

For firms that need help consistently implementing specific marketing activities each month, we offer ongoing support. We have developed modules for you to mix and match to construct a custom marketing program to meet your needs. This service is for you if you need help:

  • Managing your blog, newsletter, and social media each month
  • Coordinating monthly educational events
  • Branding your supporting quarterly report materials
A La Carte Services

A La Carte Projects

For firms that have specific marketing needs, we offer some of our services on an a la carte basis. Currently we are offering the following services on a project basis:

  • Squarespace website design and copywriting
  • Firm brochure
  • Pitchbook
  • Branding packages (e.g. logo, stationery, PowerPoint templates, etc.)
  • Setup of any materials and systems that will be used as part of an ongoing implementation enagement (e.g. MailChimp setup, invitation designs, PowerPoint templates, etc.)