Outsourced Marketing Department

For firms seeking long-term strategic and implementation support, we offer our outsourced marketing department program. Through this program you'll receive:

  • An annual marketing plan
  • Two marketing strategy meetings per month
  • 25 to 45 hours of creative implementation services per month depending on the package (excluding video and blog ghostwriting) 
  • Discounted pricing on video and ghostwriting services 

This program is designed for firms from $1 million to $10 million in revenue (or $100 million to $1 billion in AUM), and is priced starting at $3,000 per month. This program is offered on a limited basis to firms that demonstrate an openness to innovation and collaboration.   

We currently have one space open for Spring 2017 and one for Summer 2017. For firms under $1 million in revenue, contact us to learn about a modified version of this program.

A La Carte Projects

For firms that have only the periodic project they need help with, or don't want a long-term contract or minimums, we offer services on a project basis. This provides the most flexibility for getting your marketing projects done. Below is a sample of our pricing. If you don't see what you are looking for, contact us for a custom quote. 



Deliverable/Service Price
Logo $1750
Business Card Design $600
    Each Additional Name Using Template $50
Letterhead, Mailing Labels & Envelope $500
Note Card & Envelope $500
PowerPoint Template $750
Email Signature $300
    Each Additional Name Using Template $50
Presentation Folder $750

Marketing Collateral

Deliverable/Service Price
Firm Overview Brochure (Sample) $2,875
Pitchbook $2,875
Service/Niche Market Sheet (2 Pages) $875
Flyer (1 Page) $575
Biography Sheet $700
Case Study Request a Quote


Deliverable/Service Price
Website Design and Programming Ask for a Quote
Website Copywriting (Per Page) $350
Landing Page (Includes Copywriting) $575


Deliverable/Service Price
Event Flyer Invitation (1 Page) $575
Event Email Invitation $575
Eventbrite Registration Page* $575
Evaluation Form Template $225
Post-Event Online Survey $350
PowerPoint Formatting (Up to 30 Slides) $875
PowerPoint Development (Design and Content) $2,875
GoToWebinar Setup* $575
Event Sign (24" x 36") $350
Banner Stand Graphic $575

Email Marketing

Deliverable/Service Price
Email System Setup* with Two Design Templates $750
Email Update Using Template $250
Drip Emails (Series of 6 Including Copywriting) $700


Deliverable/Service Price
Original Blog Post (600 Words) $500
Blog Posting (Proofreading, Optimizing for SEO, Posting to Website, Promoting on Social Media) $250

Social Media

Deliverable/Service Price
LinkedIn Personal Page $575
LinkedIn Business Page $575
LinkedIn Employee Profile Recommendation $275
Facebook Page $250
Twitter Page $250

Press Releases

Deliverable/Service Price
Press Release $250
Video Press Release $2,500
Press Kit $2,875


Deliverable/Service Price
30-Second Professional Profile Video $1,250
60-Second Professional Profile Video $1,875
90-Second Professional Profile Video $2,500
Two-Minute Professional Profile Video $3,125
12 FAQ Videos $4,000
24 FAQ Videos $5,625
Video Transcription (Each 60 Seconds) $10
YouTube or Vimeo Setup $250
Video Upload (YouTube or Vimeo) $125


Deliverable/Service Price
Facebook Ad Design and Setup (Up to 3 Ads)* $475
Retargeting Ad Design and Setup* $575
Google Ad Setup (Up to 3 Ads)* $575
Print Ad (Up to 1/2 Page) $475
Print Ad (Full Page) $700
LinkedIn Paid Sponsor Updates $475

Other Projects

Deliverable/Service Price
Custom Design and Copywriting (Per Page) $575
Custom Design (Per Page) $300
Postcard (2 Sides) $575
Print Newsletter (4 Pages) $875
Misc. Copywriting (Per Page) $300

Prices subject to change at anytime and without notice. Current pricing effective as of April 15, 2017.

*May incur additional fees by a third-party vendor.