Discover Your Firm’s Unique Formula

Each Registered Investment Advisor is unique when it comes to which marketing strategies will work for the firm. Methods that are wildly successful for one company may fall flat for another. While financial industry best practices can serve as a starting point, each firm must discover its own formula for success that takes into account their ideal client, the geographic market, and the personality of the firm and its financial advisors.

At Kaleido Creative Studio, we guide independent RIAs through a structured, step-by-step process that solves the question of which combination of marketing initiatives will:

  • Produce a consistent flow of new, qualified prospects; and

  • Provide growth opportunities for other financial advisors in your firm.

By systematically addressing each of the areas RIAs use to grow their businesses, we are able to help you discover your unique marketing formula for success.

Click to Expand Marketing Wheel

Click to Expand Marketing Wheel

The Marketing Wheel

The foundation of our work together centers on the Kaleido Marketing Wheel. Based on more than a decade of experience working with Registered Investment Advisors, the wheel is built to encompass the breadth of marketing initiatives firms use to grow their businesses. We use the wheel as our guide so that no stone is left uncovered in the process of discovering your firm’s unique marketing formula.

The wheel addresses 72 modules within seven key areas of financial advisor marketing:

  • Framework

  • Client Referrals

  • Center of Influence Referrals

  • Online Marketing

  • Thought Leadership

  • Community Awareness

  • Conversion

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